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Dec 30, 2010

Baby’s Day Out

“Lots of new faces, lights, vivid & bright show of colors and some nice music all along – perhaps it was a little too much for my little princess to comprehend at the moment, but in all she had good fun; I guess, much as we did”.

Today was the first official outing of the little princess. I took some time off my work in the afternoon and we decided to step out for lunch at one of the malls. We were initially a little hesitant as we had not as yet ventured out with Riddhie along but I guess, someday had to be the first day and as it turned out it was to be today.

Riddhie’s mom took extra care in wrapping our little one in multiple layers of clothing, keeping in an extra bottle of milk, rearranging her diaper bag and everything else she could think of for a few hours of outing and we set out.

There were end of the season sales everywhere which implied that the mall we went to had more than average footfalls for a weekday but it was still manageable. We chose to hit one of our regular places initially but could not find a table and then settled for a buffet at IndiJoe’s. It wasn’t really the best of the tables as we would have liked but hungry as we were by that time, we agreed upon what we could find. 

Riddhie had in the meanwhile, taken a short nap already during the little drive which meant that she was relaxed and playful and we heaved a sigh of relief. We took turns attending to Riddhie, feeding her and filling our plates and she just about gave us enough time to have our desserts. No longer than we finished, she decided that she had enough of the restaurant ambience and started fidgeting in her little sleeping bag.

While I quickly paid up and collected our belongings, Riddhie was rushed outside by her mom. The moment we set foot outside, Riddhie was mesmerized by all the color and splendor of showcases and windows of various outlets in the mall. There were Christmas decorations and lights around and she kept rolling her eyes and made monosyllabic sounds of pleasure and approval. I took her inside the Reliance Time-Out store and she seemed quite at home with all the books, toys and CDs around.

We left in a short while and she slept on her way back as well and somehow now as I sit and key this in, I guess all the effort seems worthwhile.

I guess in all our several trips together, this was the first time we acted typically ‘Desi’ and took pictures inside a mall. So, here’s to my baby’s first day out – a trivial event in the larger scheme of life, but some special moments nonetheless.
 Riddhie & Dad Riddhie & Mom

5 comments on "Baby’s Day Out"

Roopa on 11:19:00 PM said...

She is a darling.. hope you bought something special for my little girl.. after all it was her first outing!!!

KS on 6:45:00 AM said...

Its good to be desi sometimes.. Remember photo shoot @ india gate. These captures u will cherish later

Gaurav Kant Goel on 7:59:00 AM said...


and why do you say 'Desi' with a tinge of sarcasm. We are desi...aren't we?

Himanshu Tandon on 10:03:00 AM said...

@Roopa: Ah well, we didn't really buy anything for her to cherish. I am glad she had a good time though.

@KS: Good to hear from you man. True, all said and done, the pics are worth it and yes, I still have the India Gate pic up here on my desk and is one of the best moments that we have ever had.

@Gaurav: Desi with a sarcasm.. no way. Proud to be a desi any day, was just referring to the fact the way people around us were eyeing us do funny things and pose around.

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