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Dec 29, 2010

The Prized Feat

“There can be no greater satisfaction of an achievement than what is observed when your child falls asleep in your arms”.

I am proud of the above quote I made and my pride stems from the fact that I have had the satisfaction of the aforementioned achievement couple of times in the recent past.

Normally it is Riddhie’s mother who attends to her needs during the wee hours in wake of my work routine and I tend to comfort Riddhie in case she decides to make a fuss about sleeping through the night. Probably it is something about the way I have been holding and rocking her that she finds soothing and goes off to sleep. The way I decipher the formula is to have her head and spine aligned flat and use my left hand to support her head, with the right hand holding her back and rocking her to and fro.
Whatever be the physics involved, the fact of the matter is that when Riddhie is cranky to the core, I exercise my Super Dad powers and help calm her nerves and I can’t stop boasting about it to her mom.

Last night was one such example. It was by far the coldest day of the winter season this year and my dear princess took a long nap in the evening to be up and fresh for the night ahead. She kept kicking the blanket and wailing as we tried tucking her in for the night. I let her mother use all her wit and skills to make her relax but when my little angel refused to budge from her stance, Super Dad stepped in.

Latest 090I held her close and kept rocking her from 0130 to about 0200 in the morning after which she fell asleep in my arms. I guess the most difficult part after this happens is to let go. On one hand, while I am tempted to make her lie down on her bed and let her sleep, the other part of me just simply wants to hold on and have her in my arms.

Before I started for office, I saw her snuggled up like a little kitten. She made a lovely sight and could not help wondering that while I stood there looking at her, she was oblivious to the whole situation including the fact that she was related to me.

I am actually eagerly waiting for her to gain consciousness of her surroundings and know me as her Dad. While that happens, I guess, I shall keep myself busy rocking her to sleep at odd hours and play my part in bringing her up.

5 comments on "The Prized Feat"

Nishtha on 11:23:00 PM said...

This reminded me of my Dad and how he always made sure that the quilt was warm enough for me to have a sound sleep.

Love the way you are writing for her and adding every special moment...

HT on 9:32:00 AM said...

One of the rare comments on this blog. Appreciate it. Thanks girl.

Roopa on 11:23:00 PM said...

True.. i side with Nishtha.. even i remember my dad setting the quilt for us so that we could be warm through the night!!!

How do we know on 1:22:00 PM said...

big awwww post.. :-)

Shweta Baxi Tyagi on 2:51:00 PM said...

Am almost wet in the eyes. So sweet!

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