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Dec 17, 2010

The Father’s Day SMS

“This one is special for more than one reason. I clicked the picture of the mobile screen and saved the message when I saw it.

…Thanks Dad.

I had never known my dad to use his mobile phone to send in an SMS. He had always complained of the keypad on the phone to be too small, his lack of patience to type in a text message and of course the SMS not being as fulfilling and satisfying as a voice call and hence I was taken aback in pleasant surprise on receiving this.

What made it all the more special was the fact that it was a Father’s Day SMS. Well, I guess I should thank ‘Archies’ and ‘Hallmarks’ to make this day popular in India as it was practically unheard of when I was younger and hence we never really bothered much about this day. It was touching to see my father actually make the effort of keying this in.

The SMS said “Happy fathers day from my grandchild in advance. As you are going to be papa. God bless u.”

I received this message on 20th June, 2010 – about 4 months before Riddhie was born and it kind of became the first communication of sorts from Riddhie in a way. Also it did acknowledge the fact that I would soon cross over into a different realm altogether. DSC00008

Dear Riddhie,

These are the actual screen shots of the mobile screen with the original message for you to read, when the time comes. I am not asking you to make me a Father’s day card every year nor expecting you to hold my finger all your life.

I just hope that when you grow up and are able to understand complicated emotions and difficult situations and need to take decisions about your life, you should do that with sensibilities that are in line with your heart. I wish that you grow up to be sensitive to little joys in life and learn to appreciate and respect such little acts of affection that we as your parents and grandparents shower upon you.


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Roopa on 9:07:00 PM said...

Enjoy every bit of it...its great being parents!!!

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