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Dec 20, 2010

The Cry Baby

“You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance”.

- Franklin P. Rose.

Dear Riddhie,

Let me begin by telling you that the first time I heard you cry, I stood stupefied hearing you wail out at the top of your voice. The initial few days were lost to the mesmerizing wonder you were. Your little cries would send the entire house rolling. Your little needs were tended to immediately. Your mom and I would try and interpret the various sounds you made. I even recorded your very first cries and have it in my mobile phone as my ringtone (now this sounds funny isn’t it?).

cryRight at this moment as I key this post, I am sitting at my table in our ancestral home at Sonipat. Your mum is trying to give you a bath and is making little funny sounds to keep you distracted as you are hollering as loud as your tiny lungs can permit.

(In fact, I just stepped out and recorded the little sound clip of your sobs and cries. When you listen to it, perhaps you would be able to make out the feeble attempts that your mom is making to help you settle down).

It might appear strange to you that I am talking about your crying with a shade of delight and joy about it. Maybe we are trying to celebrate every little moment of yours here and no matter what you do our love for you seeps through even in your daily chores.

Chola 013-2 I can only wonder about how things shall change in due course of time. I certainly do not wish you to be a cry baby or act like typical girls who would shed tears at the slightest pretext or get emotional watching a TV show. Life comes with its own hardships and challenges. There are already over a billion people living on the face of this Earth which means a billion stories existing already – each with its moments of joy and despair. You can choose to follow suit like those million – billion others or you could opt to script your own destiny. Either way, you shall have to undergo your own struggle and you shall have your own share of tears too. There would be times when you would feel worn out and the road ahead would not always be visible.

There would be times when you would feel the need to hold my hands again and be the little girl you were ages ago. You would want to seek refuge in your mom’s lap and would want us to comfort you and ease your pain away. Well, as life shall take its course, I may not be there to wash your tears or offer my shoulder every time. But then, I promise to be there right behind you watching you, as you pick yourself up, throw that tear off your cheek, smile and move on again. And no matter, how badly you fare in a battle, you shall always be my little girl and my princess and I shall always love you as much. Just remember that my girl is not a cry baby and I hope I can instill enough courage in you to take life by its horns and achieve every goal that you set out for.


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Roopa on 1:16:00 PM said...

You dare not call her a cry baby...

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