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I am sure Riddhie would love to go through all what you have to say on the content here when she is ready to read. Do drop by a note and leave your signatures when you like something rather than just being an anonymous reader.

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Note To The Readers

I intend using this blog as a means to capture little moments of Riddhie's childhood and experiences of my new found parenthood.

Hopefully I shall pass this journal to Riddhie some day and maybe she would appreciate all the effort and time that I would put on this and maybe she would take a learning or two from all that I would say to her in the posts to come.

Readers are welcome to quote their similar experiences or add comments to my posts and I welcome all constructive criticism and suggestions. Feel free to follow the blog and share it across however, please do not use any sort of offensive language in the comments or re-distribute any material that is posted here.
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