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Jan 8, 2011

The Past Few Days

“Time goes you say? Ah, No! Time stays, we go”.

- Henry Dobson.

Dear Riddhie,

Let me begin by wishing you a very Happy New Year 2011. I know it’s a little late in doing so but the last few days have just whizzed us by. The quote above by one Mr. Henry Dobson also probably highlights the fact that life probably passes you by, when you are busy doing other things.  

Couple of things happened over the course of last few days and I would rather put them in words in order of their happening.

1.1.11 was a special date for those who care and well, you spent most of it, snug and sleeping in your bed. The Gurgaon weather has been particularly severe this winter and the temperatures are floating around 2 –3 degrees Celsius which is around 4 degrees lower than what is seen in these parts of the country normally. We spent this new year’s eve at Gurgaon most uneventfully at home with some good food and lousy TV programs. Maybe the coming years shall see us do a bit more than this but I guess it was important to keep you warm and easy than party outside and invite some discomfort for you.

Then there were your vaccinations and doctor’s schedule which happened. Things are good on this front and I wish and pray that the days ahead see you in best of health and spirit. You also completed your first three months and well though we did not have a party or something, I want you to know that every day and every moment is just as celebrated and joyous to us as it ever was.

Off late, you have been up to new tricks. It’s amazing to see you make loud noises of laughter and approval and equally funny to see you try and make an effort to rise from your bed when your back and neck still doesn’t hold as well.

I have a feeling that you have begun recognizing the sight of me holding a camera and you tend to hold your gaze and have actually started posing for the camera. I did click a couple of special pictures yesterday and I guess you enjoyed every bit of it as much as I did.

Riddhie Riddhie

I don’t know what the days ahead shall bring us. Just hope that you keep healthy and we get to cherish each and every moment of yours – your angelic touch making every bit of it just a little more special.


2 comments on "The Past Few Days"

Roopa on 9:55:00 PM said...

Loads of love to Riddhie... she is such a darling... The perfect daughter for The perfect DADDY!!!

Himanshu Tandon on 8:14:00 AM said...

Thanks for all the compliments dear.

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