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Dec 7, 2010

At the 11th hour

“I wrote the following note sitting in the hospital waiting for Riddhie to arrive. It’s difficult to describe now, how and what I felt at that moment. I guess this story would have remained untold had I not put it into words then.

pinkflowers It’s about to turn 11 in the morning and as per the doctor’s prediction it would still be a couple of hours before you would land up in my arms. As I sit by your mother’s side, listening to your heartbeats on the ECG machine by her side, there are a thousand things which play on my mind. I have recorded a couple of seconds of this moment on my camera and shall save the footage for you to have a look at when you are able and intelligent enough.

It’s been a difficult week for us personally. Your Nani chose this week to pass on to her heavenly abode and I have been coaxing and distracting your mom ever since from her sorrow, who personally has been putting up a very brave face. I am proud of her for that and I guess you should be too. I am sure as you grow up you shall learn that there are certain things which we have no control over and that smiles and tears always walk hand in hand.

Anyway, talking about the current minute, we are here sitting in this pretty hospital room as you keep kicking in intermittently and causing some real wild shrieks from your mother and I am trying to key this in while holding her hand and persuading her to smile through her pain.

We had an early dinner last night (the night before you were born) and went for our regular walk as well. Your mum felt a little discomfort as we came back and we thought we might just go in and see the doctor. When I drove your mom to the hospital, we were not really expecting you to be knocking at us for another 2 days at least. The doctor however advised us to be admitted and told us that it was time. I am glad that we were ready with your bags in the car itself and I hope that I am able to pass on this trait of being organized and methodical onto you.

Once inside the hospital, your mom refused to sit in the wheel chair and chose to walk into the labor room. I guess she turned out to be way stronger than I had expected her to be. We came in and got settled into this room where I am sitting now. We were chatting and watching TV during the course of the night and it was only earlier in the day today that your mum has been really uncomfortable.

I have been around ever since whiling my time away trying to cheer your mom in an attempt to keep her spirits high and keying random things as and when I am able to. During the course of last few days, I had been rehearsing for this day and the moment I shall see you for the first time in my mind. I guess the mental preparation had been helpful as I have been able to retain my calm and composure and have been able to set things for you and your mum pretty smoothly.

Just hoping and praying now that there are no last minute complications and that you arrive hale and hearty and we get ready to shower all our love unto you.

I guess I shall go and grab some coffee and get something to bite on. Waiting as of now…

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