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The Inspiration

Dear Riddhie,

I am holding you in my lap as I begin keying my first letter to you. It's kind of tough holding you and typing in at the same time and you are all arms and legs at the moment - kicking and  waving and rolling your grey black eyes but I am enjoying having you around and in a way trying to strike this conversation with you.

On this day, I am about 30 years and few months and you are about 2 weeks  old. A thousand thoughts cross my mind as I begin writing to you. There are tales that I wish to share, words of advise and caution that I want you to know and little stories about my experiences, mistakes and accomplishments that I want you to take note of. 

With time you shall learn to recognize faces and understand the relationships that these faces you see have with you. You shall learn to know me as your father and would perhaps understand what you mean to me. Perhaps with this blog and my other write-ups you shall get an insight into my being and know me as the person I am, as well. 

Also, there are vivid descriptions of moments that I would never like to forget and little anecdotes about you that I want to narrate over and over again and hence the inspiration to initiate this blog for me was to find a way to hold on to all little stories about you and document them somewhere till the time you grow up and become intelligent enough to interpret these posts.

Hopefully someday you shall cherish reading them as much as I would enjoy keying them for you. Maybe someday you shall see these words as a part of me and maybe they would remain with you long after I am gone.

So between today and the day when I shall no longer be there to update this blog, I shall take pride and bask in the joy of sharing with you, our special days and moments through this blog. 

I am looking forward to hold your hands, clasp your palms in mine, walk with you as long as this life permits us to and give voice to everything we feel as your parents. 

I don't know how the days ahead shall see us and what habits and gifts will you possess when you grow up. Don't know if you would enjoy the smell from russet pages of an old book and reading as much as I do but all the same I shall try and key in all I can with a hope that you would appreciate this little journal of your life and my journey into the realms of fatherhood. 

Let's hope that we both do a good job - You give me enough stories and I  keep up the motivation to document all I can.

So here's wishing "Happy Blogging" to me... and "Happy Reading" to you, O Little One.

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