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Jul 14, 2012

Moments Here & There…

“ Some moments are nice, some are nicer, some are even worth writing about...”

- Charles Bukowski, War all the time.

Dear Riddhie,
I guess the above quote by Charles Bukowski says it all. This letter of mine is more like a reminiscence of little things that you have been doing lately. They are not much as such and probably a part and parcel of all babies your age right now. Nonetheless, they remain as dear to me as any other special moments that you and I have shared.

This happened on one of the afternoons around July 08. Your mom was busy running her daily chores and you saw that as an opportunity to sneak behind her and grab a pack of lentils that we got in our groceries. Before she could check what were mischief you were planning, you dragged the packet into the bedroom and began digging into it like a little monkey. Of course, your mom was keeping an eye on you the whole time and she saw this as a little opportunity to click you in action.

I remember having seen a similar act executed by your uncle when he was perhaps your age. During winters we would normally have our lunch in the verandah of the Sonipat house and it was one of those afternoons on a Sunday when the whole family was gathered and ready to eat, when your uncle Bunty, who was still learning to crawl, came up from behind and picked up about 4 ‘rotis’ and bit into them all together. I guess your grandpa clicked that moment and the picture should still be lying somewhere. Ask your uncle about it maybe. :)

Here is you in action, for now.
Another special incident around this time was your new found fascination for an American football. In one of my earlier trips, a colleague had showed me how to throw one and the kind of technique it involved. Back home, in India these balls were virtually unknown except as seen on TV or movies. I had actually picked this particular one up from a store to retain it as a souvenir from the current trip. I guess you were just hooked onto it for its shining color and the fact that you could easily hold it in your hands. The funny thing was that you were just not comfortable throwing it around. Perhaps, it was due to the fact that it did not really bounce evenly as the other regular balls you have had in your toy basket. I guess I got lucky with you moving about with it one afternoon and well, to cut the long story short, here is the set from that day.

The Blue Football
 Red Ball
Talking about balls, I am reminded of a reference I made in one of the posts earlier. (Read point 5. Baby and the Ball HERE). It’s not been very long since we passed the stage where you were initially ‘scared’ of balls and then were playing the ‘pup’ game. Though, you still are not quite there with your catching skill, you have been throwing and kicking it with a lot more will and intent.
The picture to the left here (with you and the red ball) is just a little shot of you with one of the balls that actually made it from US back to India.

Apparently, this is the one which scared you when we got it for you. :)

I guess in days ahead, you will have many more toys and will shift preferences from one to the other. I will, try and account these little things as part of your childhood till I can. Maybe one of these days, when you come back from your school or college, we will get to spend some time together and read one of these stories together and share a laugh and have more memories to add on. Until then…keep shining :)

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