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Jul 4, 2012

Wild West City & Land of Make Believe

“ Logic will get you from ‘A’ to ‘Z’, imagination will get you everywhere...”

- Albert Einstein

Dear Riddhie,
Let me begin by quoting Wallace Stevens here who once remarked that the imagination is man’s power over nature. I truly feel that if man hadn’t learnt to dream during the day, we would still be living in a forest and hunting down animals for our survival. Imagination makes you visualize what is not yet realized. It empowers you to live in a world that could be far more interesting than what we live in.
Imagining things and abstract thinking is not only a basic human instinct, it is also a force that one day can distinguish you from the rest of the flock – the key is you should be able to grasp an understanding of at least one medium to translate your imagination for others to transcribe. The power and will to soar the skies would have remained a fairy tale had someone not gathered the bits and pieces of science and put them to a design. And then of course, it takes a heart full of adventure and courage to implement the design to a working model and eventually greatness follows.
When I was young, the means and medium for children were limited. Though, my parents – your grandparents were educated enough to provide what was best for us, the quality of life and times were inherently simpler. With technology turning this world into a global village and all information available literally at finger tips today, things that were unheard or unseen before are much within reach and most often available in local markets now. What it means is that kids your age have so many more keys to open this world and its possibilities like none of the generations before you had.
Personally, we, as your parents have been trying to do our bit in helping you see things differently, letting you role play and do things on your own. Your mom in particular has been bending her back on a daily basis to be a part of your little games and let you ask a hundred questions every hour.

Our last two trips in the month of June 2012 were geared to let you see and experience such things. I figured you were still a little too young to probably comprehend most of what you saw, but I took my chance based on the fact that the movement and colors around you would simulate you to look back and laugh and feel happy. I reckon I was actually successful. The two places we went to were ‘Wild West City’ & ‘Land of Make Believe’.
1. WILD WEST CITY: This is a western heritage theme park located in Stanhope, NJ  that recreates an old western town through portrayals of real-life western characters and events. This place showcases over 20 live action shows daily in addition to having game and picnic areas, stagecoach and miniature train rides.

We planned our visit there on the weekend of June 17, 2012 and reached in time to see most of their action shows. Though you held on to me and your mom during the earlier part of the day, you enjoyed a larger part of your stay there. I got you close to horses and other farm animals and you kept squealing with joy. As I key this in, I remember having saved one of the sheriff badges that one of the characters gave you on that day. Let’s see if I can hold on to it till you grow up. Anyway, here are a few pictures from the day. My favorites on this set are the ones where you are firmly holding on to the candy I bought for you.
Riddhie - Wild West
2. LAND OF MAKE BELIEVE: This was again an amusement and water park with few decent attractions. What I remember distinctly is the cockpit of World War II aircraft, a model ship in the middle of the water park which would throw water from a huge bucket on people below and a couple of thrill rides that your mom and I took in turns. Though you were not really appreciative of a few rides that your mom tried getting you into, you loved running about and splashing in the water. I got a few very special shots of you in the water park that day which I am sure, you will cherish as much as I do.
Riddhie - Land Of Make Believe
In my next post, I will continue on a few other experiences you had during this time. As days passed, you became more receptive to the environment around you and started keenly observing things. A few funny incidents took place, which though aren’t much when you talk about them but still imprinted in my memory and of course some pictures. So signing off, until my next letter to you… 

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