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Aug 16, 2011

The Hiatus and Back…

For disappearing acts, it's hard to beat what happens to the eight hours supposedly left after eight of sleep and eight of work.

- Doug Larson

Dear Riddhie,

I am sure you shall ask me what took me so long to come around and write another letter to you. If you check in the dates it sure has been more than a month since I wrote to you.

Ah well, dear it’s just been so that I have been running around a little much for my own liking in recent times and then there has been this constant shuffling and travelling and fine-tuning and making adjustments to new places and people around that it left me panting and gasping for my personal space and time. But then I guess I am back now and hopefully the next few days shall see a spurt rise in the number of letters and posts that I make on this blog of yours.

I have been making a mental note of things that happened in last few weeks and maybe I shall begin from where I left in the last post that I made so that there is no gap for you.

In my last letter to you, I wrote about the heartbreak you gave me when you refused to recognize me at all after I came back from an overseas official trip. Well, to ensure that this was not repeated, I ran pillar to post rushing things to get your passport done and applied for a visa for you and your mommy so that I could get you along on any future trips that came our way.

I shall talk at length about your adventure at the US embassy and your first air travel and the experiences thereafter in the letters to come. Things have changed a lot in these last couple of weeks that we have been away. You have grown up a bit and have learnt to stand up on your own. There already has been one or two incidents of your taking a first step, though we are yet to see you take a few steps on your own without persuasion. You have had your first set of lower central incisors and upper canines are just about showing up and then you have learnt to dig your teeth into your Ma and Pa. I guess I shall talk about all these little things in detail and perhaps a little more frequently now than ever.

Riddhie - July 3, 2011

Just hope that I can keep up with your pace in days to come. There also is a whole bunch of your pictures waiting to be posted. So, concluding this little bridge of a letter to jump onto your little stories from weeks gone by, here’s you from the week before we travelled with you on your first trip to the US.



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