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Aug 29, 2011

Of Lazy Sundays and Sunshine Mornings

“I’d like mornings better if they started later…” 

- Anonymous

Dear Riddhie,

To begin with let me clarify that no matter what the quote above implies, I still am and have always been a morning person. But then it would be incorrect to say that I do not enjoy an occasional laid back lazy morning.

When I was younger, there were times we would sleep on the terrace under the stars on summer nights. It was fun being lulled to sleep watching the moon play hide and seek between the clouds or be able locate an odd shooting star once in a while. There were no desert coolers and no Air Conditioners and life and needs were simpler. I however, used to hate it when the morning light streamed through the shut eye lids and forced us to be on our feet and back downstairs to our respective rooms, often as early as 4:30 or 5:00 in the day. While on days when there was school, it seemed torturous to be up so early and to start preparing for the day ahead but during summer breaks and on Sundays, it often meant to be able to snuggle back into the bed and sleep till the time your grandma wouldn’t make us get up again.

While those days are long gone, I can not help but wonder what lies ahead. Would your generation ever get to know how blissful can the simple joys in life be? I can’t really say at this moment. Maybe by the time you get ready to read this, I shall have a couple more answers. As of now as I type this in, you have crawled under my desk and are looking to eat off the floor and as I bend down to stop you, you have moved ahead and are laughing at this little game of yours. Perhaps, this is as simple as it can ever be for you. 

Coming back to my stream of thoughts, I am reminded of an easy laid back Sunday morning couple of weeks ago. We woke up to the sun filtering through the open curtains and enveloping the room in a golden honey glow. The white sheets that you were sleeping on reflected the light back and your sunshine smile made it all the more special. It was one of those days again after ages when despite having woken up early I did not wish to rise from the bed. I guess, few years from now when you shall have your own routine and schedule and when I perhaps would drop down on your list of priorities such moments of leisure and magic would become hard to come by.

Maybe then I would spring up these pictures that I took of you on that beautiful Sunday morning and fill in the same sunshine in my wrinkled winters then. No matter what happens to us then, I shall wish the same happiness that you fill my heart with now, for all times to come.

Riddhie Riddhie


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