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Jan 19, 2011

The Simple Joys…

“When I bring you colored toys, my child, I understand why there is such a play of colors on clouds, on water and why flowers are painted in tints”.

- Rabindranath Tagore.

Dear Riddhie,

By the time you would be ready to read this, the sole thing of your joy right now, would be long gone. I would have already heard “Dad, I must, must, must have this” a gazillion times and you would have already made me spend some sort of a fortune on your gadgets and gizmos and things that all young girls can not do without.  

However, as I key this in, the only thing that gets your attention and helps you calm down (these days) rests on my desk. It is something which is simple, bright and vibrant and makes some noise – a rattle to be precise and apparently your very first toy.

This simple piece of plastic gives you endless joy right now and I can’t get enough of your sunshine smile when I shake this in front of your eyes. It amazes me no end to see that you already have started displaying a sense of likes and dislikes and making sounds of pleasure when you are being entertained.

Probably a simple play of colors is all it needs to get you excited and make you happy at the moment. I know that the coming years shall see this being changed to more complex needs and a more elaborate wish list, but for now this rattle is all you care for.

Well, I shall try and get you all the stuff that you would need in years to come (do note that I said ‘need’ and not ‘want’). But, at the same time, I want you to know and remember that happiness is NOT a function of the price tag on an article of interest. The things that can bring you real joy often can not be bought in stores. Always value and remember a present not for its price but for the feelings with which someone got it for you.

As you grow older, you shall come across people who would want to impress you with their money, would offer you expensive gifts to influence your judgment of them. Sadly, the world and society that we live in is full of people who tend to respect your clothes more than your virtues.

At all such times, when you feel the need to realign your reference frame, I would advise you to hold your ground and look at the picture of your first toy here and remember that you need only a few things in life to be and stay happy.

Be satisfied with what you have, strive for what makes you smile and gives you real happiness without making you compromise on your integrity and values.

3 comments on "The Simple Joys…"

Roopa on 8:16:00 PM said...

Papa don't preach... you've already started... goodness.. let her grow up...you will have enough time for all this, but till then let me pamper her with all the things that she 'WANTS'... wait n watch Mr.Dad!!!

Himanshu Tandon on 9:34:00 AM said...

:) It's not as if I am reading out these letters to her right now. I guess by the time she is ready to read and understand them, my preaching would have lost much of its sheen...

Roopa on 8:39:00 PM said...

Well, i am sure that when Riddhie gets down to reading these letters, she will also say the same thing ... and something gives me the feeling that you have tried reading these letters to her even now...

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