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Jan 23, 2011

Daddy Time…

“A tiny daughter gives parents a life in a climate of perpetual wonder”

- Pierre Doucet

Dear Riddhie,

I have mentioned before how I enjoy you to rest your head on my arm or shoulder and doze off. Well, we had some extra time at hand last Thursday for you to know me a little better. The Dad-Girl bonding time however, was set in the parking area of an office tower at DLF Cyber Greens in Gurgaon where your mom’s office was situated.

It was around noon when we drove in. The idea was to let your mom finish off some official routine after submitting her resignation and since we could not leave you with anyone else, it was decided that while your mom would go to the office and finish off her formalities to secure her letter of experience and all, You and I would spend the time sitting in the car waiting for her to get back.

So together we waited in the parking lot and you played along by my side, tucked in your little blanket on the car seat. I guess we did find a reasonable area to park with bright sunshine filling in making it all warm and pleasant on a ‘not so cold’ day in the winters.

We spent the first hour or so with you catching some short naps and then happily kicking air with your legs as I shuffled through some music on the FM. However, as your patience began to wear thin, I ran out of ideas to find some suitable entertainment or distraction to keep you busy. I tried various channels on the radio, tried holding you up on the driver’s seat pointing things out of the window, taking you out of the car and walking along the road, briefly crooning and talking to you but I guess you wanted a more familiar face (of your Mom) around. Your expressions kept shuffling from an air of content one moment to all irritated the next. 

Luckily for us, she came back just in the nick of time to hold you and comfort you and we drove back. Off late, I can’t help noticing a subtle change in your mannerism. You have started displaying some indignation and anger at things that don’t hold your interest by letting off a shrill cry.

I shall probably write about that separately and would sign off this letter of mine. Before I finish, I shall leave you with a small video I shot from my phone while sitting in the car. I can’t get enough of the array of emotions that you have displayed towards the end of the video.

Here it is…


7 comments on "Daddy Time…"

Roopa on 4:32:00 PM said...

I'm sure Himanshu, that YOU will be the apple of HER eyes :)
She is going to be extremely proud of her Dad... Shaurya's been asking me why is small Pinkal crying and is saying, "i don't like this!"

Himanshu Tandon on 7:06:00 PM said...

Well, I don't know about that. Let's see if I can just keep writing till the time she gets to read and understand these...

For now, it looks like you are the only reader I have. :)

Nishtha on 10:58:00 PM said...

Hey it's not that I am not leaving a comment so I have stopped reading the blog..

I have always loved reading the sweet little things she does and how you enjoy writing about them.

Great video coz you managed to capture so many of her expressions in one shoot:)

Himanshu Tandon on 9:52:00 AM said...

Ah well, good to hear from you Nishtha. It's surprising how you manage to get into a hiding every few days. :)

How do we know on 3:35:00 PM said...

next time, pls keep the original music score.. i turned on the speakers, took out the headphones to hear the goo gooo gaa gaa.. aain.. aain and hear some music instead.. not gud! :-)

She is an ANGEL!!

How do we know on 3:38:00 PM said...

she is going to LOVE this blog and she is going to love you for having this blog at the right time.. and of course, we love the memory box..

HT on 12:11:00 AM said...

Good to hear from you N, (aka How do we know). Next time the original score for sure..thanks for all the compliments and wishes.

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