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Mar 17, 2011

The Squealing Baby

“For some reason, this letter was stuck in my drafts section for a considerable amount of time. It is still special as it is perhaps the first account of significant changes as observed in Riddhie’s behavioral pattern”.

Dear Riddhie,

Well, this is a short post about the changes that you have been displaying in recent times. I did mention about it briefly in my last post as well and this perhaps is just an extension of the same.

You are all three and a half months old now (You are actually five months now, as I said above, I have been late in posting this) and have added a couple of tricks to your profile already. You have been voicing out some very shrill squeals randomly and trying to raise your body in an attempt to sit already.

It is reasonably difficult to imagine such a loud cry from someone so little and very often when you emit one such holler, you take everyone around by surprise. The squeals come at irregular intervals and you have been using it for both, highlighting your anger and displaying your pleasure at things or people around you. And though everyone around you at that moment gets stunned for a moment, you seem to be enjoying yourself thoroughly through the course.

The other noteworthy amazing thing here is watching you try getting up. You have learnt to curl your back and have been controlling your neck pretty nicely along and when you can manage your motor functions to do both these things simultaneously, the resultant effect looks like you wanting to get up. Often this is accompanied by slow but sure grunts and the effort that you put into the act.

Perhaps every 3 – 4 month old does the same and maybe the tricks that I have been talking about are applicable universally. I guess, for us you now being the epicenter of our cosmos, we take delight and pride in everything you do. Just hope that I can take pride in all that you choose to do in years to come and that you as my child and my joy continue giving me the squeals of delight.


PS: Could capture and upload a short video of you squealing. Here it is:

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How do we know on 12:21:00 AM said...

aww.. this is cho chweet!! now we have truly become parent blogging buddies. :-)

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