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Mar 1, 2011

Finger Food

“I always wondered why babies spend so much time sucking their thumbs. Then I tasted baby food”

- Robert Orben, American humorist.

This post happens to be a short account of one of the recent habits picked up by my princess. She has grown a tender fondness for her fingers and loves putting them in her mouth at random intervals. I can’t say for sure how and when she started it, maybe once she gained better control of her arms, she realized she had nice little fingers attached at the end, which could be taken to the mouth and perhaps liked the feel of it.

The first time when I saw her do this, I was kind of worried about her not getting enough nourishment. I looked for more information around thumb and finger sucking habits of babies and a short Google research told me that finger sucking actually makes the brain produce endorphins, which calm the body and give the child a feeling which is akin to the feeling of satisfaction one gets after eating a big meal and that there is actually a change in the body chemistry that takes place when a child sucks on his thumb or fingers.
However, I also landed up on a dozen other pages which spoke at length about why and how this habit should be deterred and the kind of ill-effects it can have on jaw and teeth setting for young children.

RiddhieI am sure, we as parents would do the needful to discourage Riddhie on this but I guess, this perhaps is the first sign of her developing her likes and dislikes which I am sure would only grow as the time passes. Maybe one of these days she would have an entire list of things which would annoy us as parents and I can’t really say as of now as what would make me put my foot down and ground her totally and on what points I shall extend her all my support. Don’t know if she would grow up to be a total rebel and drive me nuts or if she would opt to be a demure, docile child (wishful thinking, I guess).

Well, whatever be the case I guess I shall try and show her the reason before she takes a decision about anything and would then perhaps let her make her own mistakes and learn from them. As of now I think, I shall continue distracting Riddhie as she takes her fingers to her mouth and look back at the following pictures taken and smile.

 Riddhie Riddhie

2 comments on "Finger Food"

How do we know on 1:20:00 PM said...

awww.. dont worry abt it.. she will be just fine.. she is such a chhotu lil darling... and growing lovelier every day.. BIG kala teeka again.

Roopa on 1:45:00 PM said...

She is a darling... simply adorable and just let the child be daddy... don't bother her too much..

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