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Jun 14, 2012

Riddhie gets a FB Profile

“Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face on it”.

- Erin Bury

Dear Riddhie,
As on June 10, 2012 I created your own FaceBook profile. Maybe this was unnecessary since perhaps by the time you are even ready to use it yourself it might just have lost its significance. But considering that you already have so much going on for you - pictures, your own domain name, email IDs, this blog etc., I thought it might be a good placeholder for maintaining most of your day to day information and consolidating things (if, and as needed). 

I shall probably hand out the reigns of your profile to your mom and we shall probably allow only a closer family group to ‘friend’ you and see how it goes from here for now. I don’t intend giving you the password and access to this unless you are 14 or more so don’t keep running up to me every now and then to add children from your class to your profile. Once you probably have the control, you are free to ‘unfriend’ your parents, but I guess we are staying and keeping a vigil until then.  

Anyway, this is more like a news update so I shall keep this short. Here is a link to your profile and your mom has your password safe with her. Go bug her if you want.

And courtesy ‘thatababy’ strip by Paul Trap this is what I see you doing with it. FB   


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