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May 18, 2012

I Scream.. Ice Cream…..

I doubt whether the world holds for any one a more soul-stirring surprise than the first adventure with ice-cream…”

- Heywood Broun

Dear Riddhie,
By the time you read this and if I am around just as fat as I am now, I guess you would know that a major reason for my being so is my sweet tooth and craving for ice-cream :) I am sure as a father – daughter duo we would have shared umpteen cones and tubs by now but then I guess there is no story which doesn’t sound better with a scoop of pure vanilla and some roasted nuts. So, maybe you would want to go and get some before you read this further. :D 

I shall ensure that you have plenty of ‘sweet’ (literally) memories around with me in years to come. But for now, let me share this little incident which happened sometime around middle of March 2012.

We were coming back from a shopping spree after having our lunch at a nearby restaurant when I decided to stop by at a Carvel store (much against your mother’s wishes though) on our way back and picked up these little jars of frozen yogurt and chocolate chip ice-cream. You were probably exhausted from the day’s activities and were a little cranky and we decided to box everything and head home rather than have it there. 

Once we were home, I opened up the wraps and set those ice-cream jars on the table and went inside for a brief moment. I would have gone just for a minute or so, but I guess that was all the time that you needed. When I came back into the room, I saw you nicely perched atop the table and helping yourself to your choice of flavors, as best as you could. Since, you were still trying to learn how to use a spoon and all and it was but natural that most of what you picked in the spoon fell over your dress and arms and legs before it could make it to your mouth. Your mom was furious at you (understandably so, since that meant she had to give you another bath) but I was more amused and your struggle and wanting to try out every flavor and unwillingness to give up made an interestingly funny sight.

As always I jumped to get my camera and managed to click a few pictures. I guess, right when I saw you then I knew I would be making this post. I am sure in the years ahead these little joys of parenthood would be lost to realms of time but for now I can’t help going back and looking at these pics time and again and smiling. Here are a few for you to smile and come running to me…. :)

Ice Cream

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