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May 31, 2011

Bouncing Babbles…

“I should have rather titled this letter ‘another Toy Story’ or something like that, but then it is not only the story about the doll I bought for my princess but the feelings which ran behind it too… ”

Dear Riddhie,

It’s been almost over a fortnight since I last saw you or held you close. I have been on a work trip and time zones away from you as I sit and write this letter to you. I had a word with your Mom minutes ago and apparently you have been giving her some sort of a hard time with your newly acquired skills of rolling over and wanting her attention 24X7. I guess, from my perspective she is lucky to be around you and getting to hear your MM..mmm..mmmmms and all those little sounds you have learnt to make. (Though pppp..ppppp…pppaaa still eludes you).

Anyway, this letter is not about me wanting you to call out for me but more like an outburst on how much I have been missing you lately. Let me tell you how…
Last evening I was walking through one of the malls, more so to kill all the extra time at hand than anything else when I decided to check out a “Toys ‘R us” outlet here. I was browsing through toys to buy for you and passed a shelf when suddenly it seemed like a little baby called. I turned around to find this baby doll standing in its cardboard crib and which probably was motion sensors activated so as to call out and seek attention of anyone who passed by. I came back to the shelf and this doll started bouncing on and made little baby sounds.

Can’t say if I was excited to see this little plastic wonder or saddened by the fact that it made sounds I had last heard you make. I guess my search for a toy ended there itself and I picked it up in a flash. This one is called “Bouncing Babbles” – an apt name for what it does actually and I hope you like it when I bring it across to you.

However, once back at my hotel, when I took it out of its packet and placed it on the table, I could not help pining for you even more, as every time I passed by this doll, she would bounce up and down and make baby sounds. In fact I had to switch it off and take out its batteries and pack it up within minutes to help my cause. Incidentally, you and your mom are still at your Nana’s place and your mom does not have access to either the Internet or a camera there to click your pictures and send them over to me and it looks like I shall have to continue the same way for another week or so before she gets back home and is able to get you in front of a webcam. 

Don’t know if you shall ever be able to decipher and reflect back all what we feel for you when you grow up, but even if you don’t I guess you shall always be my little princess as long as I live.

Missing you sweetheart.

Ah well, before your ‘Nimmo Aunty’ accuses me of making her cry at work again (You need to read her comments she left on a few previous posts to know what I am talking about), let me conclude by posting a little video I captured of your ‘Bouncing Babbles’. Well you may actually have broken it into a dozen pieces by the time you are ready to read this letter so, this little video brings across the “Bouncing Babbles” for you..



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Roopa on 7:11:00 PM said...

I am sure she will admire her parents...

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