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Apr 3, 2011

Riddhie’s World Cup 2011 Moment

“Just in case Riddhie grows up to be a Cricket fan and asks me what was she doing when India won the Cricket World Cup 2011…”

April 2, 2011 was a red letter day in the sporting history of India. India won the Cricket World Cup after a gap of 28 years. There were nationwide celebrations and people – young and old alike took to streets, shouting slogans, lighting crackers or just driving around wild.

It was a moment like no other and perhaps one of the rare days when the entire country stood together as one true single nation to celebrate and dance in joy.

I had this brainwave to click Riddhie’s expressions when the final winning runs were scored just in case she wanted to know about her whereabouts when India won the World Cup and got my camera ready and waited for the winning moment.

So Dear Riddhie,

The following pictures were taken when skipper of the Indian team, MS Dhoni stepped out to loft a huge six to seal the Indian win over neighbors Sri Lanka.

Ah, well you did not show much emotion since food and pain are the only two things that bother you right now and the rules of the game are kind of alien to you but nonetheless this is precisely what you were doing sitting in your Aastha aunty’s lap and looking at us slightly bewildered. :)

World Cup and Riddhie World Cup and Riddhie

4 comments on "Riddhie’s World Cup 2011 Moment"

Gaurav Kant Goel on 8:14:00 PM said...

wow!! Riddhi will love this account.... :)

How do we know on 12:56:00 AM said...

cho chweet!! what a lovely idea!!

The Cloudcutter on 11:01:00 AM said...

Coming here after a long time and I'm happy to see that you've kept it up.
And how sweet are you to put aside your own excitement and capture your little girl's expression when India won?
This is why the father-daughter bond is the best in the world!!!

Himanshu Tandon on 9:50:00 PM said...

Thanks a ton, Gaurav, Nidhi and CC. Its always such a pleasure hearing from you.

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